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Clowns Without Borders exists thanks to our global network of professional performers. Familiarize yourself with our work by watching the video above, and reading our Code of Ethics and FAQs

Clowns Without Borders artists:

  • Are professional clowns or circus performers who can entertain large (and small) audiences without language or cultural reference
  • Can collaborate with other performers to quickly create material 
  • Are physically fit, emotionally stable, and possess a strong capacity for teamwork 
  • Are able to maintain a schedule of 2–3 performances per day while on tour 
  • Remain adaptable, even under the strains of international travel and changing plans
  • Express cultural humility in new and challenging circumstances

Conditions & Pay: CWB covers artists’ airfare, food, lodging, and other trip expenses. You will be performing and teaching a lot, probably in severe conditions. This may include lack of running water, electricity, internet, and privacy.

CWB pays artists a stipend of $100 per working day for artists traveling internationally. For artists working in their home country, pay is set based on local per diem rates. 

International Artists: You do not have to be from the United States to work with CWB – USA. However, if you’re not from the United States, please check to see if your country has its own CWB chapter. If so, we encourage you to work with them.

If you meet all of the requirements listed above, we welcome you to fill out the form.