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✅ Yes, I'm A Joy Maker!

"You came all the way here for us?" — Elder woman, Turkey, 2023

In Turkish villages visited in 2023, we heard this sentiment over and over. After a month of dust, rubble, and death from the February 6 quakes, survivors now saw bright colors, children playing, and moms laughing with their kids.

The games 🪀, skits 🎭, and songs 🎵 transported the entire community.

For $11 a month, you can bring a child to a clown show every month of the year.


💞Joy Makers is a family of people, like you, who love to laugh and make others feel good. You know, just as a clown does, the power of ensuring all children play and feel joy.

🎪 Beyond knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, you'll also receive exclusive stories via email that tell you how your gift is making a difference in children's lives. 💌 And, of course, you'll get a year-end tax summary so you can file early.